27th - 28th November 2018
Southampton, UK

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Passenger Ship Sustainability Confirms Leading Cruise and Ferry Operators to Speak at Inaugural Meeting

Passenger Ship Sustainability 2017, chaired by Richard Vie, Former Vice President for Technical Development and Quality Assurance, Carnival Corporation, will provide cruise and ferry operators with a unique forum to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency as required by new regulations.

This inaugural event, taking place 14th-15th November 2017 in Southampton, UK, has already confirmed speakers from leading operators including Carnival Corporation, MSC Cruises, DFDS, Wightlink Ferries, as well as Port of Barcelona and Peace Boat.

The Passenger Ship sector is striving to reduce and manage its environmental impact with both regulatory changes and cost-efficiency driving change.

The IMO 2020 regulation has brought a necessity to lower sulphur emissions. This, coupled with sovereign governments focusing heavily on air quality and reducing greenhouse emissions has put air pollution at the front of procurement decisions.

Operators in attendance will have a forum to explore and debate whether to change the fuels they burn or the methods through which they treat emissions. Case studies and projects to challenge the effects of these solutions and impact to lower harmful pollutants will be explored.

One of the projects being discussed is the Environmental Impact of Low Emission Shipping: Measurements and Modelling Strategies within the Baltic Sea. This project is currently monitoring the differences in emissions from new fuel and abatement equipment to provide not only a cost analysis for the maritime industry but an analysis for governments on the impact of new regulations.

Passenger Ship Sustainability will explore innovative hull design, air lubricants, propulsion systems and at the future possibilities of pollution and logistic monitoring to bring your Fleet into the digital age and reduce your environmental footprint.

To find out more about Passenger Ship Sustainability please click here to download the confirmed agenda.