27th - 28th November 2018
Southampton, UK

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Discover the Environmental Impact of Low Emission Shipping at Passenger Ship Sustainability 2017

Many routes will be affected by the incoming 0.5% Sulphur cap for the first time when it is introduced in 2020. However, special emission areas such as the Baltic Sea region have been compliant since January 2015 with a Sulphur cap of 0.1%.

Passenger Ship Sustainability will explore operational feedback as well as an assessment of the air quality and impact on public health within the Baltic Sea region since the cap was introduced. Delegates will hear the conclusions that have been drawn from real life data and discover an insight into future environmental requirements facing the region and potentially Europe.

During Passenger Ship Sustainability, Dr Sari Repka and Professor Gunnar Prause will represent the international consortium involved in the ongoing project EnviSuM - Environmental Impact of Low Emission Shipping. This has been studying the impact of low emission shipping within the Baltic Region. Data collected from three of the major ports within the Baltic; Gothenburg, Saint Petersburg and Gdynia-Gdansk. Researchers have been investigating the true impact of ‘clean fuel’. Analysing the emissions produced from alternative solutions and abatement techniques.

Dr Sari Repka, Project Manager, University of Turku, who is leading the project, will share with cruise and ferry operators, as well as industry representatives, the measurements and modelling strategies which have measured the technical efficiency and socio-economic impact of clean shipping. This will include assessing new types of emissions and impact on future environmental legislation along with a cost analysis and viability of new fuels and abatement equipment.

The consortium has recently produced a video sharing their work which you can view below.

Passenger Ship Sustainability takes place 14th -15th November 2017 in Southampton, UK. Free entry is provided to cruise and ferry operators, government agencies and non-for- profit regulatory bodies.

Download the confirmed agenda to ensure you don’t miss the presentation by Dr Repka as well as viewing the complete speaker line-up.